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Renovated by AkPraxis in 2009

The company Attrattivo this time dynamically launches its new brand women’s clothing and accessories “nine streets”, directed toward a younger public without losing the brand’s target group, that of working woman who wants the place where she lives to have her own stamp. Essentially is the evolution of brand “positive”, for this reason the materials and the style of design remain the same.

This concept store is a single space 65 m 2, which also bears here the elements of a special residence, with walls lined irregularly with visible bricks, modern white and black wallpaper and artificially aged water iron tubes “running” around, creating a prototype grid shelves and hanging for display clothes and accessories. The use of wood as the floor and shelves add a special warmth to the space.

Feature of the store is the wooden door of the store with retro ornaments hung.

Finally the lights focused on clothes and key points in giving visibility quite a theatrical style in store.